When I was small I always say to my mom to do my homework for me but she never does and always makes me only understand that if I will not do my homework by myself then I won’t be getting job like my father and also I won’t be able to pass my class and would lose all the friends I have. With the fear of all this I used to all my homework without any help though I don’t like to write a little bit of it. I was very fearful guy at that time.

Being grown up, I still have problem of writing and now I know that the writing had no relation with my career. So I don’t take them seriously. What I have learned is that we should enjoy life at all moments. The work is only a part of life and we should never fear about our future. As the fearless person only grows high in the life while the one who always take steps by thinking too much is the one which is left behind. I love myself because I am not the one of them.